• Intelligent compact drives integrate absolute rotary encoder, motor and control technology

    Different batch sizes, huge product diversity, the individualization of production and maximum cost efficiency are central requirements on modern production processes. In order to cope with these requirements, secondary functions are increasingly being electromechanically automated in machines and systems, in addition to primary processes.

    TR-Electronic’s fieldbus-capable encoTRive compact drives make this possible – in machine construction and machine tools as well as in the packaging, press, woodworking, glass, printing, plastic and textile industries. These compact drives have no external electronics. They integrate actuator, sensor and control technology in one housing: control logic, position, speed and torque controller, power electronics and absolute rotary encoder. These compact drives can communicate with the PLC via fieldbus. Further components such as transmission, holding brakes or I/Os are added, depending on the application.

    On the basis of the encoTRive communication and controller platform both simple control applications
    and complex machine processes can be automated efficiently and consistently with different drive types
    – simply, flexibly and cost-effectively.