FIA Series

Fork Light Barriers with Integrated Amplifier

Fork light barriers of the FIA series primarily are chosen for high-precision trigger applications. They are frequently used in the stamping industry. Because of their compact and very sturdy design they are generally used in rough industry environments. In the fork light barriers of the FIA series the complete electronic evaluation unit is integrated in the sensor housing. The visible light beam makes it considerably easier to adjust the light barrier. The switching state is indicated by a red/green LED.

In the FIA-A version the focus lies on high positioning accuracy, the temperature-compensated analog output provides a voltage that is proportional to the aperture’s degree of covering. Various rectangular apertures are available.

The laser fork light-barriers of the FIA-L series primarily are used in the field of stamping for feed measurement and for the exact checking of small parts at high feed rates.

These sensors mainly are characterised by their high switching frequency (typ. 10 kHz), their compact design, and their high switching accuracy.