Servo Driven Tapping Units

The PRONIC servo-driven tapping units (offered since 1994) are made with most components used on the mechanical units.

Here, the mechanical motorization is simply replaced by a high dynamics servomotor which is piloted by our PRONIC PRC M400 controller, with color touch screen, that:

  • enables a single connection to the press,
  • is capable of piloting up to 4 motors,
  • manages all of the PRONIC peripheral items as well as sensors and actuators (cylinders…) of the tapping station,
  • manages electrically the torque of the motor,
  • and guarantees that 100% of the parts are tapped if the controller is associated with a tap detection system.

With its independence from the press stroke, this solution is particularly interesting for applications with long press strokes or, alternately, applications with very short press strokes.

These units are particularly adapted to work with transfer dies, fine-blanking and multi slide applications. You can also find them as module base equipment for PRONIC in-line machines or as stand alone machines.