TLB Series

Trigger Light Barriers

Trigger light barriers are mainly used in the field of metal stamping. The TLB series comprises light barriers with infrared light beam (IR) or visible light beam (VIS), in split shape as well as in fork shape (with or without compressed air supply). Characteristic for all light barriers of TLB Series is the external electronics: Pulsating light or constant light amplifier with digital output or analog output (voltage output and current output).

The light barriers (FKB, SLB) are primarily mounted at the stamping die bottom part, and are available with a so-called tool plug (TP, TPN, TPO). The connection from the tool plug to the amplifier is established by means of a connecting cable. Pulsating light and constant light amplifiers (TLB-CON) are usually connected to the interface box, which is mounted directly at the stamping machine (eccentric press). But, with part of amplifiers the electronics is already integrated in the tool plug housing.