SPECTRO-1 Series

High-frequency Contrast Sensors

The SPECTRO-1 sensors are contrast sensors that are able to record even slightest brightness differences almost in real time. The sensor features analog and digital signal outputs. With the optical fibre types (FIO) inspection can be performed both in transmitted-light and in reflected-light mode.

he use of different light sources (apart from the white-light version, versions with UV, red, blue, and IR light source also are available) makes it possible to perform measurements starting in the UV range, in the visible range, and through to the IR range. Because of the wide type range object distances of up to approx. 1000 mm can be realised.

The sensor can be easily parameterised with the SPECTRO1-Scope Windows® PC software. The scope function that is integrated in the software makes it possible to watch the signal characteristic quasi in real time.

The contrast sensors of the SPECTRO-1 series can inspect both passive and active objects. With the software the sensor can be switched from passive to active objects. The sensor’s analog output provides information about the current contrast value, while the digital output can be used to check whether the respective object lies in the permissible tolerance range.

SPECTRO-1 contrast sensors feature an impressively high scan frequency of 200 kHz.