M-LAS Series

Laser Miniature Light Barriers

The laser miniature light barriers of the M-LAS series primarily are characterised by their extremely compact design, these laser light barrier types should be among the smallest all over the world. In addition to the M-LAS-3 version with a housing diameter of 3 mm and a length of approx. 14 mm, the product range, among others, also includes an M4 type (M-LAS-M4).

In both versions the laser beam leaves the transmitter axially with a beam diameter of typ. 1 mm and impinges on the receiver that is placed on the opposite side (one-way light-barrier).

A version in which the laser beam is deflected by 90° in the housing (M-LAS-4/90) is also available. Due to the low beam divergence the transmitter/receiver distance typically may be up to 2 m. The lasers of the M-LAS series are classified as laser class 1.

Because of its compact design, the M-LAS Series find application where little space isavailable on the one hand, and a small light spot (parallel or focused) is required on the other hand.

Various control units are available: An RS232-version that is parameterizable under Windows®, an analog version with a 4…20mA output, and a digital version with automatically corrected switching threshold.

The light barriers of M-LAS series are ideally suited for detecting extremely small parts and forpositioning of objects.