L-LAS Series

Laser Line Sensors and Reflected-Light Line Sensors

Line sensors are applied where precise positioning is required or where the dimensions of an object have to be determined with high accuracy (e.g. diameter of a wire).

The L-LAS-TB sensors (transmitted-light series) offer various operating widths with a resolution of up to 1536 pixels (12288 subpixels). An analog output (voltage output and current output) informs about position and size of the object. Furthermore, a digital output is available that informs about quality and position of the object.

The laser distance sensors of the L-LAS-LT series determine the distance or thickness of objects with highest accuracy (resolution starting from typ. 1 µm). By way of a master/slave sensor arrangement, two laser distance sensors are evaluated by a controller that is integrated in the master sensor. A special version is available for optically transparent objects (flat glass, foils, wafers).

The reflected-light line sensors of the L-LAS-RL series are measuring systems that work in reflected-light mode. They can cover measuring ranges from 10 mm (at an operating distance of 33 mm with L-LAS-RL-10) up to a measuring range of 40 mm (at a reference distance of 100 mm with L-LAS-RL-40).